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Learn Piano Online with Rhonda Bradley

Rhonda was 26 years old when she began learning to play piano, and DIY’d her way to a lifelong career as a professional Pianist/Composer, Master Teacher, and Music Notation Specialist

DIY Piano Rhonda Bradley

Rhonda Bradley

When you learn piano online with Rhonda Bradley, you'll get tips and tricks that you won't find in any other method. All of your lessons have been:

  • designed and written with her real-life experience in mind
  • developed and tested in the studio with real live piano students
  • proven successful and effective for adult piano students of all ages
You'll unlock a brand-new piano lesson every week, with the ability to watch the tutorial videos on your computer and/or smart phone.

Each lesson includes:

  • video tutorials
  • printable songs & lesson pages
  • weekly quiz
  • weekly assignment
  • bonus materials
  • personal support from a professional piano teacher on every lesson page
Bring your piano to life at your very first lesson.

You'll play rich, full-sounding songs that fill the room and sound much more advanced than what they actually are.

Play piano for a lifetime

because while you're playing big, full-sounding songs (that sound much more advanced than what they actually are), you're also building a strong foundation in music theory.  This means you'll also be learning to improvise and arrange songs along the way!

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